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2014: Year in Review

It has been one hell of year. áDefinitely seemed to fly by, but there was so much that was done. Let's see, I got kicked out of my rental space. áTha...

Instant Starship noise!

Had this shown to me recently and it makes an instant starship noise! áNever know when you'll need it! This is for the linux super nerds out there! ...

Prepare Yourself! Carrion Kind, Yar, Savage Wizdom, and Salt for Knives!

Wow it has been absolutely crazy the past few months. Also been a really long time since I last posted any sort of news. So much has happened. I had ...

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Augustine Ortiz, Jr. - Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer

Welcome to my website!

Being a musician first, I have been passionate about music for over 14 years. From being in various bands (Insight, The Seventh Circle, Ultimatum, Sangre Mal, Keith Miller, and more) I have developed a love for working with many different musicians.

Over the years I have developed a passion for recording and making it part of the creative process. So I have learned how to make the recording process flexible to work with the creative minds of many musicians. Recording should be fun, inspiring, and creative! Not stressful or agonizing.

I work with you and your style of music and your creative mind. From screaming death metal to soothing classical guitar, I love it all. I make it a point to capture your performance with good sonics and full flexibility.

I look forward to hearing YOU sound your best!

--Augustine Ortiz, Jr.